Selected Projects


A Christmas themed platforming game built in Unity for the game development class at Umich (EECS 494). Also winner of the joint Umich + Eastern Michgan University game showcase. I built this game along with three teammates in about 2 months. In the process, we learned how to develop in Unity and important agile project management skills through Jira. You can play it in browser by clicking on this link! (Desktop only)

Handy Robotics

A robotic hand that plays rock, paper, scissors! It was built with 3d printed parts, actuated by Arduino-powered servos, and run using OpenCV written in python. I completed this project in my senior year of high school over the course of about two weeks. Check the links for my presentation of the project and for the code on github.


Skribblr is a tool for converting images into sketches that can be drawn in any program that uses the mouse to draw. Use it to fake your drawing ability or to spice up your diagrams without disrupting the style! Originally made for use on but evolved into a unvibersal tool for mouse-drawing programs.


A website that let's you easily identify and learn about your government representatives based on your location. This website was built by a team of four students for my EECS 497: Human-Centered Softwared Development. I lead the implementation of the back-end components of the project, including the data acquisition and processing for display on the individual senate and house members.


An easy SMS-based tool for crowdsourcing your party's music playlist. Party-goers text song requests to a number and songs are queued in order of popularity. This project was built for MHacks 11, and powered by Twilio.